Parent Questionnaire

Topanga Montessori Preschool Parent Questionnaire


Student’s full name ____________________________________________________

Last                                      middle                                first



Please complete the following questions. Answers may be handwritten or typed. Please do not exceed four pages.


1)Is your child immunized? ______

2) Is your child toilet trained? ________

3) Please comment on your child’s home life including relationship with parents, sisters and brothers, or other members of the household.


4)What are your child’s strengths and weaknesses?


5)What is your child’s previous school, babysitting, nanny or daycare experience?


6)What do you hope that the Topanga Montessori Preschool will provide that will be different and the same from the applicant’s present or formal school, nanny or child day care experience?


7)What is your hope that Topanga Montessori Preschool will provide for your family?


8)Please describe any special circumstances which have or may affect your child’s performance in or out of school (illness, learning differences or disabilities, allergies, personal issues, moves or family circumstances).




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