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I just want to tell you how extremely appreciative our whole family is of all you have done. We really feel you and the Montessori school people are the very best in every way. This virus has really hurt us all and robbed us from continuing with your school through the Summer and next year. But we have not forgotten you nor our gratitude for all that you did in such very special ways both before and after the onset of this pandemic.

The graduation booklets were wonderful, the graduate hats were super.  Everything you and your staff has done has far exceeded our expectations.


We love you,

 Thank you so much


C…. and R….. and L… and P……and R…..


Thank you for  being an incredible teacher and director. We have learned so much from you and adore your school.

With thanks, ……..


Dina- Thank you so much for everything! You went above and beyond to make everything so special and nurturing for the kids.  W….. LOVED attending! We will all miss you!


Thank you for the wonderful education and growth you fostered for both of our children at your wonderful school. We will always have fond memories.


M****, J***, C**** and C***


Dear Dina,

It makes us so sad to see this day arrive so quickly.

We are so grateful for M***** time with you. To the lessons she learned and the time enjoyed with friends. We look forward to visiting in the future and reading to the class.

With love,

M*****, *****, and *****


Dear Dina,

I can’t believe it’s been over two years since I first came into your office, crying while dropping >>>> off for her first day of preschool 🙂

Choosing a preschool was a big decision for us. As a former educator, I believe that a first school experience is the most important. Instilling a love of learning and school from the beginning sets the foundation for the future.

We are so very grateful that we chose Topanga Montessori! One of the most important criteria for choosing a preschool was that the school had a dedicated administrator- someone who ran the school.

You are a wonderful school director- you put your heart and soul into Topanga Montessori and it makes it a very special and warm place. We are so grateful for all of your hard work and dedication and really appreciate how you always went above and beyond to help us where needed.

We know ——is well prepared for the next chapter, but we’re looking forward to —- being a students at TMPS!

Thank you!!

— and —


…It’s hard to believe how quickly these years at TMP have been chugging away. As you well know from experiencing it with your own girls, it all goes too fast.

…… I don’t know how we got lucky enough to have you in our lives, but TMP will always be one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

….. Thank you for everything you do. We take none of it for granted.



…. Where do I begin?! I can’t believe next year will be our last at your magical school. We all love you dearly and have been so blessed and lucky to have you and TMP in our lives……….your love and dedication for your school has left an imprint on our hearts…


…M. Has learned so much and we are grateful to have found such an amazing school with great teachers. We look forward to all M. will learn next year!

S. and S.


It has truly been a blessing for R. to be a student at Topanga Montessori for the past three years. You have built a remarkable school of incredible staff, amazing families and nurturing environment to grow and develop little minds. We truly appreciated every moment that R. was a student. His time at TMP has helped shape him into a remarkable five year old. Thank you again for everything you do. You and everyone at the little red school house will be missed.

I,A and R.


Thank you so much for everything this semester. H. Absolutely loves Topanga Montessori and we are thrilled to have found you.

S.J. and H.


Thank you for your amazing dedication, heart and inspiration. You’re little school will be forever engraved in our hearts. Lots of love C.T.

Much love and appreciation for both boys. D.P.

It is hard to put into words how grateful we are for TMP! Thank you so much for your dedication and patience through the years. Much Love, the M. Family

Thank you so much for another great year! Charu and Karen are so incredible and I think we got so lucky that they were leading the classroom during P. time here. She has really thrived at TMP and I feel like so much of that is due to how they ran the class. The tone they set is one of autonomy, mutual respect, and calmness. They are a great team and you are a great teacher and Director. I love how much you love the school and the kids. Thank you for every bit of love you put into it. And for every way you have gone out of my way to help me make my life easier. You are amazing. Have a great summer. H.M.

Our family would like to thank you for all our wonderful years at TMPS. There was never a moment of doubt that our children were loved and cared for. I’m sending D. to kindergarten confident that he is prepared academically, socially and emotionally. From the classroom work to the French songs- we are filled with gratitude for our being part of the TMPS family. The G. Family


Thank you for all the ways you help…….And help give our kids a rich learning environment. We’re grateful every year to have TMP and you in our lives.


Thank you for teaching me and helping me


To the Dear teachers, Thank you so much for taking such good care of ****** for these last three years. We feel so lucky to have found a place where she was so seen, loved, respected, enjoyed and taught. I see her shining with excitement at all that is ahead and I know that comes from having such a meaningful time at the little red school house. We love you and you have not seen the last of us…


I wanted to thank you for all the love, fun and care you’ve given to our family through the years. My daughters thrived at TMP. I hope you will always count us as friends and that you know how much you and your little red school house means to us.


Thank you for having me in your wonderful school! I grew a lot only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Most importantly, I learned a lot about social and art and math and art and reading and dancing and………….


Thank you for another great year… and a great run for ****** for her preschool years! I’ve been so grateful for your friendship, your guidance and your partnership in making the best choices for ******. I’m so glad we will still be seeing everday this fall. ****** will be so thrilled to finally be a student at TMP:)


So many things to say ‘thank you’ for! Your sage advice , patience, kindness and talent that keeps an amazing school going and helps families thrive. You have been blessed with such talents and we thank you for sharing them with all of us! With Love and Respect, The Whole **** Family


You love your school and it shows. We love your school and you too. Thank you for a wonderful year. You manage to put the kids first even when you have a million other things going on around you. It is a testament to your passion and dedication.


You are a wonderful, kind, calm director of a fabulous school! We are so happy and grateful to have found TMP. We will miss seeing you every day…looking forward to bringing **** to you in a year. Thank you for everything!


Thank you for your continuous care and love for the children. We are blessed that our children have been educated under your direction!


Warmest Holiday Wishes to you and your family. Thank you for being such a wonderful gift to our family and to the canyon by extension of the school! It’s so great to be part of this T.M.P. family.

“We are so fortunate to have found you and your wonderful school! Our family is so appreciative of the time, patience and careful thought you bring to caring for our kids.”
” It has been such a pleasure to see .*** blossom after she started school. We are so impressed by you and your teachers and feel so lucky that we can benefit from the quality education and nurturance you provide us.
“You have made me feel very comfortable at school this year. My first year of school had lots of firsts because I wasn’t afraid to try new things. Thank you for making TMPS so special.
“We love your little school”

Thank you for providing the best “little red school house” ever! All the best in 2011

Thank you for being such an important part of M******’s last two years. Thank you for all of your hard work and making Topanga Montessori so special. We appreciate all your warmth and sensitivity.
Thank you.


I gather the fundraiser went smashingly.  I’m sorry I couldn’t make it.

I had the nicest conversation with J***’s old/K***’s soon-to-be kindergarten teacher.  She mentioned that she was really impressed with the Montessori approach, that in their assessments K*** and J*** and A****** seemed so ready for kindergarten and eager to learn, that she decided to look for a Montessori program near her house for her daughter next year!  I think that is the highest possible compliment to your program.





We just wanted to say thanks for doing such a terrific job running your school. We couldn’t be more pleased with *****’s experience this year and look forward to another great one next year.

****** and ***********

Dear Dina, 

Yay!    We got in!   Just heard from *** this afternoon– and  I am very excited.  And I am sure that your involvement and help was instrumental in  putting us over the line!  So– many, many many thanks for all of your help.  It truly made a difference and we are very grateful.


We’ve decided to put ******* back in Topanga Montessori next year (he’s just too happy with you folks; we can’t bear to move him).


“My daughter R*** attended Topanga Montessori for one year. Had it 
not been impossible logistically, I would have kept her there. The 
school is very special. As a family that moves often, we have seen 
our fair share of pre-schools. TMPS is certainly the best for many 

The children are expected to achieve and they all do. The educational 
opportunities far exceed anything that I have seen elsewhere. My 
three year old has gained a wonderful knowledge of geography, 
gardening, all of her phonetic sounds, pre-math skills, incredible 
fine motor skills and much more in this classroom. The staff are 
warm, gentle and highly qualified. They earn respect from the 
children. The children truly build a community in their class and I 
think that is quite rare these days.

R*** and I will miss TMPS. It was a lovely experience that we will 

Thank you very much for the wonderful birthday celebration for  ***. It was very special- the little ceremony, the adorable hand crafted crown, the tasty muffins — all so wonderful, and very clear that you put a lot of time and energy into it — it really touched my heart, and I know it meant a lot to ***. It is truly amazing that you do this for each of the kids– and shows, once again, what a special preschool you are creating. Thank you for creating such a wonderful, nurturing learning environment for our little girl (and all of the kids).

Thank you for all the time you took helping us with ***’s kindergarten applications.  The schools must have liked what you had to say- he was admitted to all three we applied to. We know you went above and beyond for him and we are truly grateful.

Congratulations for your wonderful work….
It was lovely to meet with you at the school last week. Congratulations for your wonderful work to bring the Montessori program together from where it was when I first saw the building. I admire your dedication to ensure high quality education for the children and their families.
Please let me know what I can do to help!
**** and ****** ( and I), look forward to 2009 when *** will be ready to enroll.
Marie D.
Thank You!

Thank you for all that you have done to make *** and ****’s preschool experience on of growth, discovery and joy.
You have worked long and hard and put heart and soul into this endeavor- your “flowers” are in full bloom and I hope you get a moment to appreciate them!
Building a nurturing community…….

We got to talking about our end-of-the year donations, and both of us agreed that the school’s scholarship fund was first o the list.  You have put a lot of hard work into building a nurturing community that helps kids ( and **** in particular) become enthusiastic learners. We appreciate everything you’ve done, and hope you can relax over the break and catch up on your sleep!
****** and *****
Thank you……

Thank you for your tireless efforts and hard work in creating a wonderful and safe environment for ******** to learn and grow,
***, ***** and *****

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  1. I meant to post my comment here a year ago. I cannot express enough my appreciate for this little but great school. My son is having such a great time here. He didn’t talk very much in the previous school, but shortly after he enrolled in TMP, he opened himself up and everybody here is his friend (his own words). TMP is like a family. So much love and care here. Dina and the teachers are awsome!!

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